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Ordered White and Gray

I ordered two skirts, the plain white and the plain grey. I liked both of them, but the white skirt wasn't made very well. The ride ride of the skirt had one of the pleats sewn down for some reason and it made the adjacent pleat really weird looking . There were also a couple of grayish stains on the white skirt. Otherwise, I would have loved both of them.

warm & attractive

this is the only cardigan that looks both lovely and not itchy. I have a heart gold necklace that pairs well with this. beautiful :)

snuggly & cute

I love this jacket and the light blue evens out with the Heart Button Red Cardigan I bought from here too really well! I'll look into buying the green one too because this is a great piece to have in your closet :))

comfy & cuddly

this jean jacket is the best one I've had for two reasons: it is both big and keeps me warm enough when I go out for walks. it is also cute to put on top of other layers. thank u:))

Loved it!

The cutest sweater!!! It is SO soft, and surprisingly a bit thick! Great quality and I love it!


these jeans are amazing!! super comfy, came quick and they have lil clasps to fit your waist size (i ordered a small and my waist is around 25 inches, and the clasps made the jeans fit perfectly!!) they're a nice length too, i rolled them up a bit and they look great :) they look exactly like the photo. definitely would recommend :D

So cute!

Honestly came in much faster than expected, the customer service is great! And the jeans were comfortable, and I had no issue at all with them!


everything came in perfectly , but after a few hours of wear it, the metal clasp came off. id have to gorilla glue it back on, but other than that its vv cute.

Extremely soft on the inside, not as long as Iโ€™d hoped but still super comfy

I love that shirt so much

Itโ€™s so cute and comfy! Love it smโœจ๐Ÿ’—thank you!!


the length is kinda short (considering iโ€™m 5โ€™4) but it gives you a slim fit look which makes your legs appear long! (just wish it was a bit longer though


iโ€™m astonished at how cozy and padded it is!! definitely worth the price, iโ€™m planning to get another colour of the same one :)))

i love it

the quality is amazing, i definitely recommend if youโ€™re looking for an oversized fit look. fabric is so soft too


โ€œDYSSENTERYโ€ is a bowel disease that results in explosive diarrhea and death. so yeah


The cardigan is nice but I didnโ€™t receive the skirt...

Flower Shoes

They're not the ABSOLUTE best quality as you should expect for the price, they're very light fir a shoe, but seem comfortable and are absolutely beautiful. They do look exactly as in photos.

Very cute and great quality

Honestly I had some doubts about buying online, but it was worth it! It's pretty thick and amazing quality. However make sure to look at the sizing chart, I'm usually a size small but I had to get a medium and it fits perfectly. It also has "shorts" built in but it's kinda see through. It's also on the shorter (which I didn't mind). Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase :)

Sun planet crewneck

The crewneck looked exactly like the picture and was really good quality. I totally recommend getting this if your having a hard time deciding !!!

Super cute!!!

The material is great and it overall feels nice on my skin. I honestly have no issue with the sweater vest. The only thing bad Iโ€™ll say is that your order might take a couple of weeks but itโ€™s honestly worth the wait.!!

I loved it!!

The material feels nice and it fits well too.Iโ€™m someone that tall and skinny so not a lot of stuff fits me. But the sweater worked for me.

I love it!! Usually I find it hard to find clothes that fit me nicely but this was perfect. Also really good quality, would recommend!

My go to

It is really nice and fits very good. I wear it often because itโ€™s super versatile and goes with everything (I got the black one). Loving it! xx

The cutes cardigan

Iโ€™m obsessed with the flower pattern and the colours are awesome. The material is very nice and actually keeps you warm. I wear it with a turtleneck underneath for winter, but Iโ€™m sure it will be fine on its own when spring comes.
The best purchase xx

Comfy and Stylish

I got these in black and Iโ€™m loving them! They look classical and very stylish although they are super comfy and versatile. The best combo ever, Iโ€™m super satisfied! ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ